What Does “ML” Mean In Texting? (Explained with Exp)

Don’t we all love texting? It’s a quick and easy way of sharing your life updates with friends and family. However, have you ever come across “ML” while texting with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend? If you just nodded, we are sure you need some answers, and we will tell you ML meaning in the text.

Well, this is basically an abbreviation for “My Love” or “Much Love,” so whoever sent this to you probably loves you a lot (did you just giggle and blush?). So, to know more about this abbreviation, ML meaning in text, ML meaning slang, and what you can say in reply, we are sharing some interesting details with you!

P.S. We have also talked about IMS meaning!

Definition of “ML”: Understanding the Basics of This Common Texting Abbreviation

As we have already mentioned, ML stands for My Love as well as Much Love, for everyone wondering, “What does ML stand for in text?” So, it’s probably related to how much the other person loves you. This abbreviation is commonly used by people in a relationship, so they can express their love and infatuation while saving a few seconds. These acronyms are easier to use, and you can quickly portray your love.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these acronyms are helpful as they make texting easier. In simpler words, they make sure that you don’t stop talking to your loved ones only because you don’t have enough time. Also, it’s used as a statement of love and affection. In most cases, it’s used at the end of the conversation (yup, we are talking about informal conversations!).

Common Uses of “ML” in Texting: Examples and Contexts

While Much Love and My Love are the commonly used ML meaning in text, there are many instances when ML is used in texting. So, we are sharing some common examples as well as the context!

  • I miss you, ML. I cannot wait to see you.
  • Have a great day, ML. I will think of you every second of the day.
  • Sending you ML and positive vibes. You can go through it.
  • You did an amazing job with the presentation. ML and a lot of congratulations.
  • Wishing you an amazing weekend, ML. I hope you get to relax.
  • I am so lucky to have you in my life, ML.

Variations of “ML” in Texting: Other Abbreviations and Similar Phrases

My Love and Much Love aren’t the only meanings of ML. For this reason, we are sharing three other meanings of ML in texting that people commonly use.

  • More Later – as the abbreviation suggests, it’s used when someone has to share something, but they don’t have time. They say “more later,” so the other person knows that they have to wait for more information. It also means that the conversation will continue when the person speaking is free or available. Also, it means a temporary delay in sharing of information.
  • Maybe Later – another ML meaning is “maybe later.” This is used when someone isn’t free or ready to do something right now but will consider it later. In most cases, it shows uncertainty and hesitation about committing to something. All in all, it shows a delay in the proposed action.
  • More Life – another ML meaning in text is more life. It’s an uplifting and extremely positive expression. It shows that the person saying it has the wish to celebrate a more fulfilling and fuller life. In addition, it means that they are open to happiness and finding their true purpose in life.

The Evolution of Texting Slang: The Emergence of “ML” and Other Abbreviations

While it’s obvious that ML meaning in text is related to love and conversations, you have to be open to the evolution of texting slang. This slang was perceived negatively in the beginning because people would say, “How many seconds will you save through this?” However, with the fast-paced life, they have become the life-saver. In addition to knowing the ML meaning in text, we have some other abbreviations that have become popular.

  • LOL – it stands for “laugh out loud.”
  • OMG – it stands for “oh my god.”
  • BRB – it stands for “be right back.”
  • TTYL – it stands for “talk to you later.”


By now, you must know the real ML meaning in text and how it sounds amazing in conversations. You can always say this to make your loved ones feel special, and there are many other slangs to use. So, let’s talk and share with us which slangs are your favorite!

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