How to Write a Polite and Clear Call in Sick Message to Boss (With Guide)

We are human beings, and it’s common for us to fall sick. It is only natural for us to fall sick from time to time. However, many people fail to take a rest because they are too scared to leave a sick message to boss. In most cases, people feel guilty about being absent, or they are anxious about telling their boss about the sickness.

This is the primary reason many employees don’t end up requesting sick leave and don’t get the time to heal. However, they forget that bosses will understand as long as you say it correctly and don’t opt for dry texting. So, we are sharing how to write a call in sick message!

Begin with a Courteous Introduction

Being courteous and nice goes a long way when you’ve to write a sick message. It will show that you are respectful and polite. First of all, you’ve to start the sick leave email or message with a greeting. It’s better to use professional language, and using the phrases like Hello Mr XYZ or Dear XYZ will be better. Once done, you have to show gratitude.

For this purpose, you’ve to show how thankful you are for the opportunities the boss has provided to make a positive impression. After this, you’ve to come to the purpose/intent of call in sick message. You need to explain to the boss that you cannot come to work because of an illness. To illustrate, you can say, “I am messaging you to inform you that I feel extremely sick. This is why I won’t be able to attend the office.”

State the Reason for Your Absence

A call in sick message is complete about the reason for absence. Since you are calling in sick, you have to provide information about your health status. To begin with, you should provide a to-the-point and brief explanation of what you are feeling. However, make sure the sick leave message has the details that you are comfortable sharing.

In case you are sick with a contagious or a serious issue that can impact your colleagues, you must inform the boss. This will show your clients that you care about the workplace and the people working here. Also, while you are requesting sick leave and writing a call in sick message, make sure to add the number of days you want the off for. It’s recommended to quote days after asking your doctor.

Provide Information on Your Workload and Availability

It doesn’t matter how small or huge you consider your role to be; you must have significance in the workplace. Similarly, your absence can impact the workflow. For this reason, you must mention in the message that you understand how being absent can disrupt work. However, write that you will try your best to get back to work as soon as possible.

Ideally, you should give a brief overview of the tasks you are doing and provide a status/progress on them. After this, you share your plan regarding managing the workload. We recommend taking a proactive approach to handling the workload. In addition, if you can, show the willingness to work from home and show that you will be okay with catching up.

It will show your boss that you care about work and it’s only a temporary halt. Moreover, it shows your dedication towards work and professionalism. Also, it shows to the boss that you are taking the steps necessary to optimize the workflow.

Express Gratitude and Professionalism

Showing professionalism and gratitude in a call in sick message is extremely important to create a positive relationship. So, you’ve to express your gratitude for the boss understanding your situation. In addition, you must apologize for the inconvenience that your absence can cause at work. After this, let the boss know that you take your work seriously and it’s only a minor break.

In case there is a huge project going on, you should offer assistance. You can say, “I understand that we are in the middle of a huge project, so I will be available on the phone. The team can get assistance from me anytime they need it.”

The Bottom Line

Writing a call in sick message is pretty easy if you know the dos and don’ts. We are sure that after this article, you will be able to write a message quickly and get some much-deserved rest!

Seerat Ul Qamar

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