How to Bring Positive Change in Yourself? 40 Tips for You

Going through the hustles and bustles of life often breaks us. Our mental health is compromised, and we end up getting sick. In fact, the headaches are normal, right?

However, this shouldn’t be the way to live your life. That’s because you are given this life once. You need to enjoy it and bring a positive change. Your self-improvement and goal achievement journey is not possible by making a few changes to your routine. Growth is always a necessity for people who want to improve. So, this article has a few tips on how you can bring a positive change to your life!

1. Assume That People Mean Well

Since you can’t read thoughts, you don’t really know the “why” behind “what” people do. Assuming bad intentions for other people’s strange actions makes life even worse while assuming good intentions makes it easier to get along with them.

2. Don’t Say Anything Bad

Stop saying things like “I can’t,” “It’s impossible,” and “This won’t work.” Also, stop using bad words. What you say shapes the way your mind works. When you talk trash, you change the way your brain works.

3. Don’t Hang Out With People Who Are Stressed Out

Your body is set up to be like the bodies of the people around you, even if you don’t know it. In other words, you can “catch” someone else’s worry. So, even if you can’t always avoid stressed people, try to do so as much as possible.

4. Every Day Should Start With Hope

If there’s one big truth about life, it’s that it usually lives up to (or down to) your standards. So, when you get out of bed, the first thing you should think is, “Something wonderful is going to happen today.” You might be right.

5. Take Deeper Breaths

Deep breathing calms you down, but what’s more important is that it makes sure you’re getting enough oxygen into your lungs and blood, which helps your brain work better, among other things.

6. Have Parties

The big and small things you’ve done well in your life deserve to be noticed. It’s a mistake to move on to the next goal or job without celebrating, even if it’s just giving yourself a pat on the back.

7. Let Your Mind Be Free

The idea that working and thinking can’t go together belongs in the 20th century. When you let your mind wander, you’re more likely to come up with ideas that will make you stand out and make you better at what you do.

8. Make up Your Mind That You Must Reach Your Goals

When you start a job that will help you reach your goal, never say, “I’ll try…” If you say that, you’re telling yourself it’s okay to fail. Instead, say “I will…” when you want to do something.” or “I have to….” There’s no wiggle room.

9. Define “Failure” As “Not Doing Anything”

No matter what your goals and milestones are, you have no power over anything but how you act. Redefining failure as “failing to take action” puts failure (and, by extension, success) in your hands.

10. Avoid Talking About Politics

Politics and faith arguments never have a “right” answer, but they do make people angry about things they can’t change. When these things come up, just say something like, “It hurts my head to think about that stuff.”

11. Hate Is Not Worth Your Time.

Hatred is a mental parasite that drains your health and energy. If you see something wrong in the world that you can fix, do so. If you can’t do anything, it’s best to accept and move on.

12. Don’t Answer Calls from Unknown Numbers

If you don’t work in telesales or customer service, there’s no reason to talk to someone you don’t know on the phone. When was the last time you got a call out of the blue that was really important? If it is important, they will email you.

13. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Not only does being able to laugh at your mistakes make you a happier person, but it also makes you more powerful, important, and attractive to other people. Everyone will laugh at you behind your back if you can’t laugh at yourself.

14. Don’t Try To Be Right All the Time

Some fights aren’t worth it, and a lot of people are easier to deal with when they think they’ve won. What matters is not “winning” but what you and the other people involved plan to do next.

15. Don’t Give In To Bad Feelings or Rumors

Before you tell or listen to a story about someone else, you should ask yourself four questions. First, is it true? Is it nice? Is it important? Would I want someone to say the same thing about me?

16. Don’t Worry About What Other People Think Of You

You can’t read people’s minds, and you don’t have a lie tester hooked up to everyone else. You really don’t know what anyone is thinking about you. Holding on to your own idea of what that might be is a waste of time and energy, especially if it’s bad.

17. Drink More Water

Even a small amount of dehydration can “drain your energy and make you tired,” says the Mayo Clinic. They say that guys should drink about three liters (about 13 cups) of drinks a day, and women should drink about 2.2 liters (about nine cups) of drinks a day.

18. Breakfast Should Be Big

The old saying that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a businessman, and dinner like a pauper is true. If you eat breakfast early, you won’t need that extra sugar boost around 10:30 a.m.

19. Every Day Should End With Thanks

Write down at least one good thing that happened right before you go to sleep. It could be as small as making a child laugh or as big as a deal worth a million dollars. No matter what it is, you should be thankful for that day because it won’t happen again.

20. Work out Your Eyes

Whenever you need a break from working at a screen, look at something far away, like out the window. If you have to, get up and go to a window or at least a hallway so you can see things from afar. This keeps your eyes from getting worse over time.

21. Find a Job That’s Right for You

Even though some jobs are hard by nature, if you’re always unhappy at work, it’s your fault. You owe it to yourself and your coworkers to either find a job that makes you happy or do the best you can at the one you have.

22. Do It Now

To be great, you have to take risks, and risks are always scary. Don’t let fear stop you from taking action. Instead, use it as a sign that it’s time to do something. Even though it sounds like a cliché, the old saying “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is true.

23. Know and Stick To Your Own Limits

Even though your job might sometimes seem like the most important thing in your life, you’re killing a part of yourself if you let work situations force you into places that violate your privacy and your ethics.

24. Don’t Cling To Your Results

Worry is the main thing that gets in the way of being happy because it makes you think about things you can’t change. Most of the time, you can’t do anything else after you’ve done something. Focus on the task at hand instead of making up negative ideas about what might happen.

25. Listen to Something That Moves You

Your ears are your brain’s way in. Listen to audiobooks or motivational talks when you’re doing something visually boring, like driving. If you want more energy, you can listen to music that “pumps you up.”

26. Make a Promise in Public

Make an official public promise to reach your goals to give your efforts a little extra push. For instance, you might want to sign up for a charity race that you couldn’t run if you weren’t in great shape first.

27. Make Up With The Past

Focusing on mistakes you’ve made or wrongs you’ve done to yourself in the past is like driving a car while looking in the rearview mirror. You’ll keep going in the same way until you hit a solid object.

28. Spread Your Goals Around

Put up reminders of your goals everywhere you go. Put them on your bathroom mirror, right behind your computer screen, and on the dashboard of your car. When you keep thinking about your goals, it will be easier to reach them.

29. Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keep track of the things you’ve already done. Reviewing this when you’re feeling down or unsure will give you quick confidence and help you think about the good things in your life.

30. Don’t Argue With Random People

People will drive in ways that are dangerous and annoying when you’re on the road. Even so, it’s a waste of your time to get angry about what they do, let alone honk or flip the bird in response.

31. Never Go To a Meeting with No Agenda

Meetings are only useful if everyone knows why they are happening. A plan gives you direction and a goal. If there isn’t a plan, talks will wander and go down rabbit holes. They waste your time and the time of everyone else.

32. Realize That You Are In Charge Of How You Feel

The world around you can’t change how you feel. Even though sad things do happen, your mood is usually more about how you see the world than about what’s going on in it.

33. Everything Will Change, Remember It

The physical world is made up of things that change. As the experts say, nothing stays the same; everything changes. Whether you’re happy, sad, or somewhere in between, this too will pass.

34. Remember That Being Turned Down Is A Mirage

People use the emotionally charged word “rejection” when they fail to reach a goal that includes another person. This is not a good idea. No one feels “rejected” when they set a goal, like running a mile in four minutes, but end up doing it in five minutes instead.

35. Set Goals That Are both Doable and Inspiring

If you don’t think you can reach your goal, you won’t do anything to get there. So, if you want to reach a goal, it needs to be possible and connected to steps you can actually take.

36. Set Goals That Can Be Measured

Breaking up big goals into smaller chunks or stages makes it easier to reach them. When you reach a milestone, you feel more confident, your drive grows, and you gain momentum.

37. More Smiling and Laughing

People often think that smiling and laughing are signs of happiness, but they are actually part of a loop that makes and keeps people happy. Find things to laugh about. Never, ever try to hold back a laugh.

38. Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People

Everyone, and we mean everyone, starts in a different place and is going in a different direction. You have no idea where someone else’s journey will take them, so it’s a waste of time to try to compare them to yourself.

39. Stop Whining about Time

Every day, you have the same amount of time as everyone else. You may feel like you don’t have enough time and that you need it badly, but when the day begins, you are given 24 hours. No one got more than you did, so stop whining about it.

40. Stop Listening To Voicemails and Leaving Them

A call message takes minutes to listen to (or even longer if you have to play it back), but an email with the same information would only take seconds to read. Explain in your exit message that you don’t use voicemail and give your email address.

Seerat Ul Qamar

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