List of 20 Flirty Response to How Was Your Day

Having a loved one who you can be happy with is something everyone wants. You always want someone to be there for you, welcome you home, and uplift the mood. In these times, when you get home tired, it’s important to spark the love again and be positive. For this purpose, there’s nothing better than a flirty response to how was your day. However, many people struggle with it, so we are sharing the best flirty responses to How was your day?

Top 20 Responses That Get the Blood Rushing

It doesn’t matter how your day was; hearing the words, “how was your day?” from a loved one can be so cute. In most cases, they are asking that for small talk. However, if you give a flirty response to how was your day, you can initiate some fun and conversations. So, are you ready to check out a few responses?

  1. It was fine, but you should have been there with me.
  2. It was a great day, but I missed you.
  3. I’m excited to tell you about my day… Later this evening ;).
  4. My day was fine, but things are about to get much better now that we’re together.
  5. It was a great day, but seeing you made it even better.
  6. It was hard today. Please give me a hug.
  7. It would have been much better if…
  8. Today was fun because I thought about you a lot.
  9. The important thing is what we’re going to do this evening.
  10. There were some hard times, but I feel better now.
  11. Today was both good and bad for me… I have thought about you a lot, though.
  12. My day was pretty good, but it would have been better with you there.
  13. Come find out. I can’t wait to tell you everything tonight at dinner.
  14. That’s up to you and me to decide.
  15. Today was rough at work and school, but I feel a lot better now.
  16. Stop it, you’re making me blush!
  17. Not as good as I had hoped… I thought about you all the time!
  18. It was great! I can’t wait to talk to you about it.
  19. Oh, nothing new. But I’m glad it’s over now so I can hang out with you!
  20. It was great! Thanks for the question. Did you do anything interesting today?

Responding As Friends

Now that you know a perfectly flirty response to how was your day, it’s time to learn how to craft a reply according to the connection. For instance, when a friend asks you, they are really concerned about your well-being. You must answer their questions openly and honestly, but it’s better to keep things casual.

Responding to a Crush

If someone who is your crush asks you this, you should make the message a bit personal. That’s because sharing personal details means that you are interested in them. For instance, you can tell them about something that you enjoyed. Also, you can ask about their day in return. It shows that you’ve an interest in their activities while sharing a piece of your life.

Responding to your Partner

If you are in a romantic relationship, you can go all out. This is because the response must be affectionate and intimate. For instance, you can say, “My day was good, but I feel better when I am with you!” Such responses make them smile, and they won’t be able to control themselves. In addition, it shows that you value their presence.


  1. How to ask someone about their day in a flirty way?

    You can ask them, “Hey sweetheart, are you having the most amazing day of your life?” This will make them smile and run to you right away.

  2. How can I do a flirty reply?

    You can make the message instantly flirty by adding the winky face (emoji). In addition, you can tell them that you were thinking about them.

  3. How can I flirt politely?

    Polite flirting is all about using subtle and respectful signals to show your romantic interests. You shouldn’t be inappropriate or aggressive in these messages.

The Bottom Line

Someone asking about your day is always a great experience. That’s because it shows that they care about you. You feel important when someone asks this question. However, it’s important to make them feel important in return. For this reason, we have shared some amazing answers which you can use!

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