13 Signs an Inmate Really Loves You

Being in love with a convicted person isn’t anyone’s dream, but life happens. It’s common for people to wonder how a convicted person can love them. In fact, many people are scared because inmates are “scary” people. However, one can’t deny the fact that absence makes your life more passionate as the heart grows fonder.

A relationship with a prisoner is no less than a long-distance relationship. In fact, this approach makes it easier for people to accept the situation. Still, it goes without saying that a prison relationship can test your patience (and love). It also means you’ve to put in more effort for a successful relationship. So, if you are wondering if an inmate loves you, we are sharing the signs an inmate really loves you!

1. Handwritten Letters

It’s obvious that an inmate won’t have access to a smartphone or the internet, so they can’t send long and cute paragraphs. We are saying this because it’s a common practice for people in love to send such texts. Instead, one of the biggest signs an inmate really loves you is that they will send handwritten letters. They have a lot of time to think, and if they write a letter, it shows that they think about you.

They are highly likely to share and express their feelings through letters. In fact, most of the time, they write sentimental letters. It’s a great way of knowing that they think about you a lot. The inmates have their feelings bottled up, so they have a stronger urge to convey their feelings through love letters. Once they send out the letter, they wait every second to get your response.

Once they get your response letter, we are certain that they read it multiple times. Also, if your lover gets out and you start living normally, keep this habit because it’s amazing.

2. They Prefer Your Care Packages

There are various signs an inmate really loves you, and their preference for your care package is one of them. It’s safe to say that care packages are a great way of making them happy. That’s because it’s their way of connecting with the world outside prison. It reminds them of the good times they have spent out of prison.

For this reason, when you give them a care package, focus on how they react. Watch their face as they open their favorite snacks. Many people wonder how it’s connected to love, but it really does. This is because if your care packages are enough to brighten up their day, they will show gratitude. They will keep expressing their gratitude, so you can know how much it means to them.

This is because they don’t care about the package only; they love the love and effort you put in. In addition, it shows that they have “receiving gifts” as their love language.

3. Spark in Their Eyes

We all have watched movies where the eyes lock, and they have a magical moment. The good thing is that movies are right about it. That’s because an inmate has to wait a lot to get a visit from their loved ones. So, if their eyes shine brighter when they see you, you can be assured that they love you. In some cases, their eyes swell up with happy tears too.

Honestly, if this isn’t one of the best signs an inmate really loves you, we don’t know what is. The eyes never lie, so see their reaction when their eyes land on you. The eye spark will tell you how much they love you.

4. Focus on Important Talks

Life isn’t about rainbows and unicorns, and your inmate lover has a clear idea about it. So, if they focus on important and serious talks when with you, they are really into you. You’ve to pay attention to the topics they choose. This is because if the conversations are only for day-to-day things, you’ve to dig in deeper.

On the contrary, if they don’t shy away from in-depth conversations, there’s love. This is because when someone has meaningful conversations with you, it shows their interest in you. In case there are small talks, they are only passing time and don’t want a deeper connection.

We are saying this because deep conversations are the primary aspect of every relationship. Those five to ten minutes of conversations can fuel you for days before you talk again. So, if you visit and have some deep conversations, it’s one of the clearest signs an inmate really loves you.

5. They Don’t Call Only for Help

Anyone can call you when they need you, but not a person who truly loves you. So, one of the most important signs an inmate really loves you is when they call you not only for help. If they call you to check up on you and see how you are doing, it shows that they care about you.

That’s because if someone only calls you for help, you are basically the middleman who brings them care packages and news. Instead, when they call you to check up on you, you should know that you are the love of their life. It shows that they care about your well-being.

6. Willingness to Change

Let’s be practical for a moment – your lover is an inmate because they did something wrong. This is one of the most genuine yet the hardest signs an inmate really loves you. This is because anyone can make mistakes in their life, and they are already reaping what they sow. So, if they show the willingness to change, it means they love you.

That’s because people only change their ways when they care about it. In addition, the inmates get time to think about their past and have self-reflection. If they share that they are ready to change and won’t repeat their past, you’ve to believe them. Also, it’s important that you stop judging them (if you do). This is important because when someone is ready to change, they do it for their loved ones.

It shows that they have a true love for you. In addition, a person only changes when they want to take things forward, so the relationships don’t suffer.

7. Conversations about the Future

Everyone gets giddy at these talks, and you should too. Honestly, it’s challenging to be optimistic when you are cut off from the outside world. So, if they are thinking about new beginnings with you, it’s a clear sign that they love you. They are ready to find silver linings even while in prison – it shows how much they care about you.

People who are in love usually don’t have an issue with where they are; they think about the future. So, if they are making life plans with you even during the sentence, it shows that they care. In most cases, they swear to change their behaviors, so they can make it up to you. All in all, it shows that they want a happy future with you.

8. No Letters for Others

It’s common for inmates to be pen pals with different people at once because it keeps them busy. However, if they really love you, they will stick to you only. So, if they aren’t talking to anyone else but you, they have a soft spot for you. On the contrary, if they talk to others, it’s a red flag, and you shouldn’t be running after it. This is one of the most important factors when you are wondering about the signs an inmate really loves you.

9. They Don’t Ask for Much

The inmates are usually restrictive and vulnerable. As a result, they end up asking a lot of help from people. In some cases, the inmates start taking advantage of people who are in touch with the outside world. It helps them get what they want. So, if your inmate friend isn’t asking much from you, it means that they are only here for feelings. This is because they aren’t asking you for materialistic favors.

10. Exceptional Understanding

Everyone thinks about their future, and you have the right too. If you are in a relationship with an inmate and want to break it off, they will understand if they love you. This is because many people cannot lock their lives, and it’s okay. If your inmate lover is going to be there for a long time, they will suggest you move on – it’s a sign of love.

On the other hand, if they keep asking you to wait, it means they are selfish. We aren’t saying that you should move on; it’s your personal choice. It’s only about the fact that they care about you.

11. Hearing It from Their Friends

You aren’t the only one who visits them in prison because they have friends. In most cases, people in such dynamics become friends with each other. So, if you are in contact with their friends and they tell you about their love, it’s real. That’s because people only talk about you when they are truly into you. In simpler words, it’s a clear way of gauging how they feel about you.

12. Benefiting from the Time Inside

Many people think that prisoners have to do chores only, but there are educational resources available too. If they are serious about building a future with you, they will benefit from these opportunities. If they are striving for a better future, it’s one of the clearest signs an inmate really loves you. This is because it shows that they aren’t sitting. They aren’t waiting for their release to work on themselves.

13. Talking About You

When someone’s really into you, they like to learn about you. This is because there is a difference between listening and “really” listening. If they have a love for you, they will have an interest in learning about you. They will be open to talk about your day, career, friends, family, and hobbies. Also, you get a quick buzz when you interact with them.

Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship with an Inmate

Being in a relationship with an inmate isn’t easy. You cannot meet them whenever you want, and you can’t even contact them without an appointment. It can be extremely challenging to be with an inmate. However, now that you know the signs an inmate really loves you, you should focus on them. There are different ways to strengthen your relationship, and we have a few tips.

1. Exchange Maximum Letters

Every letter you write to your loved one in prison is a keepsake for them. That’s because whenever they feel low, they will reread your letters. These letters are their happy pills. For this reason, it’s important that you write letters to them regularly. It’s one of the best ways of expressing your desires and feelings. These letters will not only brighten up their day but make the relationship stronger as well.

2. Visit Regularly

If you are in love, we are sure you’re already using this perk already. However, if you aren’t, it’s time you make this important change. Every prison has its own visiting policy, so familiarize yourself and go as frequently as you can. This is because letters only work for so long, and visiting them can keep the spark alive. In fact, if you cannot go, make it a point to call them.

The second best option is to opt for conjugal visits. These visits are a great option for couples. This is because the inmates are allowed to spend time with their partners in private. The prisons allow a few hours, so you can be intimate – it’s important for a healthy relationship.

3. Be Creative

It’s important to show your affection and love in a relationship. So, rather than sticking to regular methods, you’ve to be creative. You’ve to show some romantic gestures. For instance, if you are creative, you can write a short love story. Another option is to sing their favorite song or bake a cake in a heart shape. These might sound too cheesy, but they are great for a relationship.

The Bottom Line

There are different signs an inmate really loves you, and we have shared all of them. However, as a person, you must be clear that it will be difficult. Being in a relationship with an inmate has its own challenges. For instance, you cannot go on dates, and you can only meet on specific dates. This is why you must be fully aware. If you are ready, jump in and prove your love!

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